Welcome to the first Friends of Linn Park

The first Friends of Linn Park group was initiated by Stevie Burns, and its first member was Richard Townsend-Rose. 

The group's constitution was prepared based upon the Muirend and Netherlee Residents Association.

The group was formally constituted when this was adopted at a meeting on Monday 13th August 2007.

For the first few years membership and interest was very high, with fund raising evenings in The Old Smiddy pub.

After the last Open Day held on 29th August 2010 in the then disused stables, interest and activities dropped to a low level.

The last minuted meeting appears to have been held on 19th March 2014.

The last remaining members of the group agreed to close the group in the Autumn of 2017

The remaining funds are being donated to the Adventure Playground - for example for a Christmas visit by the Reindeer, and to the second incarnation of the Friends of Linn Park, and the last will be to the Community Garden when the Flood Prevention works are complete.

To find more about Linn Park

Please visit www.Linnpark.org.uk - the web site run by the Linn Park Gentlemen's Walking Club.

The second Friends of Linn Park group's web site is: http://friendsoflinnpark.doodlekit.com/

There are three facebook pages as follows

  1. facebook.com/linnpark which is run by the Linn Park Gentlemen's Walking Club
  2. facebook.com/friendsoflinnpark which is managed by a select few members of the first group highlighting maintenance and development problems in the park, including the drainage problems, lack of path maintenance, and supposed improvements which are actually dangerous - especially fencing.
  3. facebook.com/Friendsoflinnpark2017 which is run by the second Friends of Linn Park group. The new group is flourishing.

About Linnpark
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